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Overview of Massachusetts Divorce

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The breakup of a marriage can be emotionally painful and financially devastating. Will children live with one parent primarily or with both half the time? Will one of you keep the house or will it be sold and the proceeds divided? If you have minor children how much will one of you pay as child support? Will there be alimony, and, if so, how much and for how long? While Massachusetts law addresses all these issues, the way they are handled varies from case to case.

Attorney Furman has over 25 years experience in assisting clients deal with all these issues. Sandy Furman will make sure you understand exactly what you are facing and work with you as a partner to achieve the best results. Sandy clearly explain your options. While nobody can promise you an exact outcome, Attorney Furman will provide you with a realistic assessment of your situation and the range of results you can expect, and then work with you to achieve your goas, through negotiation when possible, and in court, when necessary.

Over 25 Years of Experience in Handling Divorces

Sanford I. Furman has over 25 years of experience helping people with divorce. He cares about his clients and will spend time listening to you so that he can address your concerns and be the best advocate he can for you during this difficult time.

Getting Results Using the Best and Most Cost Effective Approach – From Negotiation to Temporary Orders to Trial.

It is often possible for Attorney Furman to negotiate temporary arrangements without the need to go to court for temporary orders, and Sandy will attempt to do so when that is possible without sacrificing your needs and your rights. However it is often necessary to go to Court and have a judge decide issues such as temporary custody, a temporary parenting plan or visitation, and temporary support. The Law Offices of Sanford I. Furman has over 30 years in assisting clients in meeting their goals. Similarly, once temporary arrangements are in place, Sandy will work to achieve your goals, by negotiation when possible, or by trial when necessary.

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Please contact the Law Office of Sanford I. Furman by phone or e-mail if you are facing a divorce. Mr. Furman is a skilled attorney representing people throughout greater Boston, including Wellesley and Newton, and the Metrowest areas of Worcester and Westborough, Framingham and Natick, Massachusetts. Evening and weekend meetings can be arranged by appointment in Wellesley and Westborough.