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A Non-Confrontational Court Alternative

If you have a family law issue you would like help resolving, mediation can provide you with a constructive and less costly alternative to court. Through the mediation process, a trained, neutral third-party — or mediator — takes a non-adversarial approach to assist the parties in resolving their dispute. The mediator helps you and your spouse or partner communicate with each other, listen to each other’s interests and needs, and works with you to generate options to resolve your issues and come up with an agreement that should be acceptable to the judge hearing your case. Mediation requires full disclosure of each party’s income and assets, and a willingness to work genuinely towards a settlement that is fair to both parties. When there are children, successful mediation, at least as done by Sanford Furman, requires that both parties focus on what is truly best for the children. The mediator does not represent either or both of you, even though he may be a lawyer. He is simply someone with experience and expertise who can assist you in reaching an agreement and then preparing the paperwork you need to bring to court.

Experienced in Family and Divorce Mediation

Attorney Sanford I. Furman has over 30 years years of experience in helping people throughout the greater Boston area, including Newton and Wellesley, and the Metrowest areas ofWorcester,Westborough, Framingham and Natick, Massachusetts with divorce and family law mediation. Sanford Furman brings his knowledge of divorce law, skills as a negotiator and training and experience as an educator and mediator to the task of assisting couples focus both listening to each other and presenting their goals in a process geared towards finding solutions that both can live with as fair, within the parameters of Massachusetts divorce law.

His services can help you amicably resolve your issues related to:

Agreements That Are Your Own

Attorney Furman uses his training in negotiation and his experience as a family law attorney, as well as a former teacher, to help and your partner develop solutions that will best meet your needs. One of the benefits of mediation over litigation is that you — not a judge who does not know you or your family — is able to determine your future. Attorney Furman will help you develop an agreement that benefits you and your family. Once agreement is reached Mr. Furman will use his expertise as a divorce attorney to prepare the divorce agreement and all other paperwork required by the court for filing.

Free Initial Consultation

Please contact the Law Offices of Sanford I. Furman by phone or e-mail if you are interested in mediation. Mr. Furman will be happy to provide you with a free consultation and looks forward to explaining to you how mediation can benefit you. Evening and weekend meetings can be arranged by appointment at his Wellesley and Westborough offices.