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Massachusetts Domestic Violence & Restraining Orders Attorney

Restraining Orders & Domestic Violence

The Law Office of Sanford I. Furman provides legal services to both men and women who have become involved with the court system because of allegations of domestic abuse. The firm assists victims of domestic abuse in obtaining restraining orders, and also defends people who feel they are wrongly accused of domestic violence

Domestic Abuse Allegations

Allegations of domestic violence are taken very seriously by the Massachusetts courts. In order to obtain a restraining order you must be a spouse, ex spouse, family member, roommate, or in a present or past dating relationship, and must be able to convince a judge that you were the victim of:

  • Actual physical abuse, or
  • An attempt to physically harm you, or
  • Were threatened or otherwise placed in fear of serious imminent physical harm, or
  • Forced to engage in sexual relations by force, threat of force or duress

With over 30 years of legal experience in dealing with restraining order issues in both the Probate (family) Courts and District (criminal) Courts, Sanford I. Furman is a skilled trial lawyer representing people throughout greater Boston, including Wellesley, and Newton,  and the Metrowest areas of Worcester, Westborough, Framingham and Natick, Massachusetts.

Attorney Furman can assist you in obtaining and enforcing a restraining order if you are a victim of domestic violence, or he can assist you in defending against a restraining order, by defending against the restraining order itself, or by defending you with a strong defense if you are accused of violating a restraining order. Contact him today.